Beautifulsubs 2nd Anniversary

Wow it’s been 2 years already! I really can’t believe time flies so quickly!

As an admin, I want to give a big thank you to all the staffies in this team, the ones who have been with us since the beginning to the ones who recently joined our team! Without any of you Beautifulsubs wouldn’t be what it is today and therefore I’m very grateful to you guys!

Second big thank you goes to all our followers and supporters! Without you we wouldn’t be here, we only exist because you support us :) Thank you so much and we hope you will continue to support us in the future!

We, the Beautifulsubs Team, will continue to give our best to bring you BEAST subbed videos! Although we might get busy with real life from time to time, we never forget that you guys are waiting for us :)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much :)

P.S.: In celebration to our 2nd Anniversary we made a poll with requests for videos from you want us to sub next! You can now vote for it here!

Your Beautifulsubs Team

hello.i read your post which u said that u wont sub beast showtime anymore because other subber already sub it. but recently they said they wont sub it anymore as they got busy. PLEASE continue subbing beast showtime. i really dont know other beast subber than u. u always give me the hope! thank you n I wish u will continue subbing. i love you! fighting!!
─ Anonymous

There is still B2STIZEN who will sub Showtime ^^ 

(This also replies to all the other messages about Showtime)

Announcement Regarding “Showtime Burning the BEAST”

Hello B2uties~ ^^

We are here to announce that we will stop subbing “Showtime Burning the BEAST”, Ep. 2 was the last one we subbed.

The reason is, we don’t see a need to sub it anymore because there are also other subbers who are subbing it. Rather than subbing something that’s being subbed already, we think that it’s better when we sub unsubbed videos for you :)

(If it happens that no one will sub Showtime anymore, we can of course go back to subbing it! ^^)

We hope you understand our decision! Thank you~ ^^

Also, our anniversary is coming up on the 18th May! We would like to thank our followers for all your support for these 2 years by doing a little ‘event’!

Tell us which video you want us to sub by leaving us a message or mentioning us on twitter (beautifulsubs). We will collect all requests (until 18th May) and let you vote which one you want us to sub next! ^^

Beautifulsubs team


[ENG SUB] 140508 Showtime Burning the BEAST - Ep. 2 


[ENG SUB] 140410 Showtime Burning the BEAST - Ep. 1 

will you sub Junhyung's weekly idol? because its very funny hehe Thank you!
─ Anonymous

It’s been subbed by someone already here ^^

i'm sorry for asking this..but what is your estimated time that you will be uploading subbed Showtime? i know that you've been working very hard, but i can't wait to watch your sub ^^
─ Anonymous

Hopefully it’s done in a few mins/hours!! ^^

EDIT: So we had some problems with youtube T^T will take a few hours to re-upload but hopefully it will be up today!!

If you don't mind me asking, how long does it take for an episode of Showtime to finish subbing and uploading it?
─ Anonymous

Depends on how busy the translators and subbers are, 2-4 days are very fast, 5-7 days on average ^^

are you going to sub showtime as well? :D please do so!! :D
─ Anonymous

Yes, we’re going to sub Showtime ^-^

if u have time, able to sub when junhyung appeared on cultwo show? no pressure though :) x
─ Anonymous

Will put it on our list to do when we have time ^^